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Vocal Pacing and the Happy Singer

Vocal Pacing

Are you vocal pacing? Most singers can be found singing all day every day. In the shower, in the car, during class. If you’re like me, and I know many of you are, singing is something that you just find yourself doing…occasionally at the most inappropriate times. But are we inadvertently putting our vocal health at risk by singing 24 seven?

For many of us, singing is like breathing. We just do it. I can be in the middle of a movie and suddenly realise that I’m humming along to the soundtrack. There’s just something in me that needs to sing. But is all this constant voice use a good thing? Am I…and more importantly, are you doing your voice a great disservice with your non-stop singing? Well, the quick answer is no! Your voice is not going to suddenly collapse from exhaustion simply because you love to sing.

But before you click away, with a sense of relief, allow me to outline a few parameters designed to protect your voice from inadvertent over-use.

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