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Help! I’ve Got Laryngitis! | Can I Still Sing?

Help! I’ve Got Laryngitis! Can I Still Sing?

Of all the days to get laryngitis! You’ve been preparing all week for this gig, but yesterday you felt a slight niggle in the throat, and despite your best attempts to ward it off by overdosing on vitamin C, you’ve woken with a sensation in your throat that can only be described as ‘gargling broken glass.’ Every time you swallow you feel sharp shards of pain. And your voice? Well, let’s just say you are Barry White reincarnate. What should you do? You’ve worked so hard in the lead up to tonight’s performance, and you’ve got people counting on you. Ok, step into my studio, let’s have a chat.

Firstly, let’s ascertain what’s going on with you and your voice. Laryngitis is a term that singers often apply liberally to a wide range of vocal conditions. Basically, laryngitis is a swelling of the laryngeal muscles, which in turn, leaves the voice in a weakened state. It’s important that we ascertain the primary cause of your laryngitis because the underlying origin of the swelling will determine whether or not you proceed with your impending performance.

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