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Lips Bubbles and Lip Trills: Are YOU doing them RIGHT?

Lips Bubbles | Lip Trills

Many singers use Lip Bubbles…and many singers are doing them incorrectly. Dr Dan shows us how to do a lip bubble RIGHT! Get the most out of your lip trills – they’re a great vocal exercise.

You see, if you’re carrying too much tension around your neck and shoulders, the larynx with struggle to produce efficient sounds. Likewise, if your breath management is poor it’s likely that when you produce the lip bubble, the air will simply push past the larynx with high levels of pressure. The inability to manage muscular tension and the breath stream during a lip bubble typically dictates that either the lip and/or the air are the predominant sounds.

A good lip bubble has an easily distinguishable tone with a free and agile larynx that is capable of moving through each of the vocal registers with ease.

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