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Strengthen Your Falsetto Singing Voice


Many people just call it head voice…but there’s much more to the distinct register known as Falsetto. What is it, and how can we use it more efficiently in our singing?

For some singers, the term can be a confusing one. I think mostly because when we talk about this area of the voice, we’re talking about the more extensive subject of voice registration, which is a massive conversation and quite a controversial topic to boot.

So, let’s start by defining the term, and then we’ll get into some practical singing activities that exercise your falsetto. Firstly, what is it? Well, the ‘Dictionary for the Modern Singer’ states that Falsetto is “Another name for head voice. Although falsetto technically describes any CT-dominant/mode 2 production–either male or female–falsetto is almost exclusively used among voice professionals to describe the male head voice, which generally is not used by men in classical singing.” Now, this is interesting because that’s not how I generally apply the term. But wait, there’s more.

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