Vowel Modification for Singers

Vowel Modification

Vowel modification is one of those interesting topics that doesn’t receive a whole lot of attention in the world of contemporary vocals because contemporary genres employ speech-like patterns, and so modifying the vowels can detract from the tonal and articulation qualities.

In classical singing, however, vowel modification is definitely a thing, but of course, Voice Essentials is a contemporary vocals focused channel, so we’ll only be addressing vowel modification when learning contemporary singing in this video.

As I just stated, the aim of most contemporary vocals is to maintain speech-like patterns in our singing. Always remember, we want the lyrics to be fully understood by our audience and this requires clear articulation with pure speech-like vowels. This presents a real challenge to the contemporary singer because certain vowels don’t play nicely throughout the entire vocal range; especially when singing through the register transitions.


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