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3 Vocal Fry Singing Exercises

Vocal Fry Singing

Vocal fry singing is one of those sounds that singers can use to great effect. What is it, and how can you apply the contemporary effect of vocal fry to your singing? Stick around for the next few minutes and try these three fun and easy vocal fry singing exercises to find out…

Vocal effects such as breathiness, pressed voice and vocal fry all sit on the naughty but nice list, because every contemporary vocalist should be able to access and use the sounds; but they should be able to apply the effects intentionally and by choice. If any of these effects become habitual the voice is in grave danger of running aground on the reef of vocal despair.

Most of us can access a vocal fry sound. This being said, it’s generally easier to create vocal fry earlier in the day than it is at night, because first thing in the morning our voices haven’t yet developed a lot of muscle tone which in turn makes it easier to produce the vocal fry sounds. So if you’re currently watching this video at night you may find it a little harder to generate the vocal fry than you would if you were trying the activities first thing in the morning.

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