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How to Clean the Husky Voice

Husky Voice

Do you have a husky voice? Maybe you would describe your singing voice as raspy or rough. Sometimes a husky sound is cool, adding a great effect to your singing voice, but if your voice is always husky, raspy or rough, then your vocal health may be at risk. Today we’re going to learn how to clean a husky voice, making it crystal clear and healthy.

Unfortunately, there can be a stigma surrounding vocal damage, with some people incorrectly thinking that singers who experience voice injuries do so because their technique is poor, or they’re singing genres that wear and tear at the voice. Take the husky voice for example. A husky singing voice can provide a beautiful aesthetic when applied to a jazz ballad or indie folk, but we do need to acknowledge that a husky sound, what some people call raspy or rough sound, is a high-cost item on the vocal effects list.

There is nothing wrong with ‘CHOOSING’ to singing with a husky, raspy or rough vocal quality, just make sure that it remains a choice and doesn’t become a habit.

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