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Save Your Voice from DISASTER – WATCH THIS!

Voice Care for Singers

Did you know there is a range of things that you might be unwittingly doing each and every day, causing your vocal health to live on the edge of catastrophe? Keep watching because this video is going to equip you with the information you need to save your voice from disaster.

No human voice is impervious to fatigue, sickness or overuse. Consequently, every human voice is susceptible to damage if the voice user knowingly abuses or unintentionally misuses their voice. It’s all-too-easy to treat our voice like an infinite resource.

Many of you watching this video may have experienced losing your voice. This may have been as a result of viral laryngitis or maybe even because you got over-excited while attending a sporting event. Complete voice loss, known as aphonia, and partial voice loss, labelled dysphonia, is rather debilitating and can affect your work, rest and play.


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