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How to STOP sounding NASAL when SINGING

How to STOP sounding NASAL when SINGING

There seems to be one type of vocal sound that most people are keen to avoid: Nasality! Most singers what to stop sounding nasal. What is nasality, why does it get such bad press and how do you remove it from your sound. These three questions will be answered in this video…enjoy!

Nasality receives a pretty bad rap! Somehow it’s become synonymous with hard-core country and western music. And it’s often presented as an ugly witchy cackle.

Simply, any sound that travels through your nasal cavity is ‘nasalised.’ The plain truth is the English language has a number of consonant sounds that are purely nasalised. A nasal sound is produced when your sound, carried by air, travels wholly or partly through the nasal cavity. Sounds such as [MMM] [N] [NG] are all produced through the nasal cavity.

So if everyone who speaks the English language is producing nasalised sounds, why does nasality receive such bad press?

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