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Improve Your Vocal Stamina

How to IMPROVE Vocal Stamina

Singing a three-minute song is one thing. But what about singing for a full hour set? Come to think of it, what about singing multiple sets over multiple nights? Maybe you need to improve vocal stamina!

Today we are looking at Vocal Stamina. It sounds rather fancy, but it isn’t. We could just as easily label today’s topic: ‘vocal fitness’ or ‘improving vocal fatigue.’ We want to be able to sing stronger and for longer right. And that’s what every singer needs. Well, it’s easy if you follow a few simple rules.

Treat your body right, slowly increase your distance over time and don’t over-spend your limited vocal budget. Do this all alongside the development of a great vocal technique and you’ll be singing vocal marathons in no time.

Learn more about Vocal Rest here.

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