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Sing with LESS Vocal Tract CONSTRICTION

Vocal Constriction

Today, we are going to discuss and workshop that pesky pest known as singer’s tension, or what some vocal pedagogues refer to as vocal constriction. I think most of us can relate to those notes, often found at the top of our range, that feel like they’re almost strangling us as we sing.

We have three pharyngeal constrictor muscles: the superior or upper pharyngeal constrictor, the middle constrictor and the inferior or lower pharyngeal constrictor muscle. These constrictor muscles are the very same muscles that, for many of us, will want to tighten and constrict when we sing higher notes. Actually, there are a few others as well, including some immediately above the vocal folds, but for now, let’s just focus on the pharyngeal constrictors.

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