Manage STAGE FRIGHT when Singing

How to manage STAGE FRIGHT when Singing

You’ve been practising your technique. You’ve learnt your lyrics, and you’ve tamed most of the melody. Now it’s time to perform. Just one last hurdle to leap over: Stage Fright and Nerves. We all get them, but for some of us the butterflies in the stomach can feel like stampeding elephants; and if we don’t learn to manage our performance anxiety, our presentation runs the risk of being aborted even before we’ve stepped onto the stage. Never fear, Dr Dan is here with a range of easy to do activities that will help you to calm your farm and get on with the show.

In the world of performance singing, there is one universal human experience: stage fright and nerves. We’ve all felt them; and if you haven’t, then allow me to warn you…nerves can sneak up on you when you least expect them.

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