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Why do my Smartphone Voice Recordings SUCK?

Why do my Smartphone Voice Recordings SUCK?

Most of us have done it right. Whether for vain or practical reasons, we’ve all recorded our singing using our smartphone. But smartphone voice recordings rarely sound decent. And when we hear our own voices played back, if it doesn’t live up to our personal expectations it can be super discouraging.

So, why doesn’t your voice sound any good when you record it straight to your phone? Is it you or is it the device. Well, truth be told, it’s possibly a combination of both. But for the purposes of this video, we’re going to focus in on your phone’s ability to record your singing.

You see the facts are that the microphone componentry in your smartphone, whilst very advanced, is also very cheap to manufacture. The cheap and nasty mic in your phone generally gives you cheap and nasty results. To prove my point, I’m going to run a test of three different microphones.


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