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Sing LOW notes with more POWER

Sing Low Notes

How do we develop our low notes? Well, before we get to some practical exercises that I know are going to really help you access your lower notes more easily, we first need to quickly identify those technical things that you need to master to create the right vocal environment for the low notes.

If you’re new to this singing thing, then you’re possibly still trying to reach those uber-high notes at the very top of your range. Extending your singing range is not the be all and end of better singing, but if it were, which it’s not, then singing higher would only be half of the story. What about those notes at the other end of your range? Today’s video is all about learning to sing your lower notes with more ease and consistency.


1. Singing with a Neutral Larynx –
2. Find Your Vocal Range –


Ex 1 – Five Note Scale (Ascend & Descend) Free!
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