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How to Improve Singing Voice

Regardless of how long you’ve been on the ‘learning to sing’ journey, I think I can safely say that you want to know how to improve singing voice. What should you prioritise in the development of your voice, and are there any industry secrets to singing better sooner?

Learning to sing can be both fun and frustrating. Often our learning to sing journey starts off well enough with some singers experiencing immediate and gratifying results. Regardless of how your education starts, there generally comes a time in everyone’s journey when the going gets a bit tougher. The results aren’t nearly as vast and rewarding, and it can all become rather discouraging. If you’ve already hit this rather trying stage, then please watch the whole video because I know it will encourage you to keep going. If on the other hand, you’re still in the honeymoon period of your learning to sing journey, then I think you’ll really benefit from the stuff we’ll cover over the next few moments because trust me, there comes a time when singing can seem more like hard work than pleasurable enjoyment.

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