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Maintain Muscle Tone

Voice Muscle Maintenance

What a year we’ve had together. 2016 has been awesome, busy but awesome! In my final video for the year I want to quickly reflect on the year that was and give you some handy tips for muscle maintenance and keeping your voice nice and healthy over the festive season.

Research tells us that in order to maintain muscle tone we must exercise the voice at least once every three to four days. After four days, muscle tone starts to depreciate. And if you don’t exercise your voice for more than a month, all active muscle tone is virtually lost. I say virtually because it’s not lost forever, but it will take some work to re-establish the levels of muscle tone that you enjoyed pre-hibernation.

So my final piece of voice instruction to you for 2016. Make sure you exercise your voice at least three times a week over the next six weeks or so. Don’t let it go on holiday. If you do, you’ll have considerable work to do when you start to practice again.

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