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Copycat Singing can WRECK your voice!

Copycat Singing

We love to listen to other singers because we love the sound of their voice. But did you know that copycat singing could wreck your own voice?

There is no other voice on the planet like yours. Never has been and never will be. Even if we found your vocal doppelganger, we’d still be able to pick out major differences in your tone, vowel shapes and style. Not to mention the shapes, size and dimensions of your vocal anatomy.

We need to embrace all that we were born to be…and not what someone else was born to be. So, when it comes to your voice, I want to encourage you to stop imitating other singers. That’s a dead-end track! Let’s face it, even if you emulate every aspect of your favourite singer’s voice, you’ll still be a poor reflection of the original. It’s time to stop copycat singing.


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