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Singing Warm Up

We all know we should do it, but less than 13% of us actually prepare our singing voice for use with a well-structured and intentional singing warm up. That means that the vast majority of singers are missing out on the short and long-term benefits that a vocal warm-up provides. In today’s video, I’m going to walk you through a three-phase singing warm-up that will prepare your voice to sing at its very best each and every time you step onto stage.

The warm-up I’m going to be taking you through is divided into three phases: At Home, Pre-Sound Check, and During Sound Check.

This first phase provides us with an opportunity to zone in on the voice and ascertain it’s general well-being.

PHASE TWO: Pre-Sound Check
Phase two picks up where phase one left off. Start with a light forward placed hum, singing over the range of an octave.

PHASE THREE: During Sound Check
And now your voice is ready to sing songs. Which is a good thing, because phase three of our warm-up strategy is conducted during sound check.

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