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How to Find Your Voice

Find Your AUTHENTIC Singing Voice

For some, finding their authentic singing voice is akin to searching for the Holy Grail. Most singers know intuitively that they have a unique sound, but many struggle to find it! Today Dr Dan is going to give you some practical exercises designed to reveal your one-of-a-kind voice.

One of the fundamental insecurities for most beginner singers is this need to ‘know one’s own voice.’ Now before I give you some practical tools for developing your authentic singing voice, let us just say that there really is no magical mystery to this. We aren’t about to discover something you don’t already have. Your voice has been with you since birth, and though it continues to change as it moves through the various stages of life, it is and always will be the voice you were born with.

Perhaps the all-encompassing rule when establishing your authentic singing voice is the more time you spend with your own voice, the more comfortable you will become with how it sounds and feels. Every relationship needs time to develop and mature. Your relationship between you and your sound is no different. Spend the time, and your voice will naturally reveal itself in all its unique splendour.

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