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Can YouTube teach me HOW TO SING?

Can YouTube teach me HOW TO SING?

We all do it! We all use YouTube as our go to platform when we want to learn how to do something. YouTube has taught me how to fix my dishwasher. It showed me how to replace a broken light in the tail gate of my car. And it’s even instructed me on how to tie my daughter’s Jiu Jitsu belt. But the really big question is: Can YouTube Teach Me How to Sing?

Actually, my professional view of this vexed issue is multifacted. Firstly, let’s get one thing straight. The gold standard of vocal development is private one-on-one tuition with a quality experienced singing teacher. As I state in the sleeve of my exercise CD, Dr Dan’s Voice Essentials: “There is no substitute for a great singing teacher and their ability to observe, diagnose and correct.” The one thing that YouTube can’t do for you, not yet at least, is provide real-time feedback and direction.

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