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What to EXPECT when Learning to SING

Singing Expectations

Singing Expectations. We all have certain expectations in life. Expectations often go unstated and sit deep within our subconscious governing our every move. Expectations. They can ruin your vocal development or help you to realise your vocal performance dream. So, how do you set the right expectations for your vocal development?

We also come to our ‘learning to sing’ journey with expectations. Some people expect to learn to sing in three easy steps. Some people expect that they’ll never be able to learn to sing at all, while others expect that they will be the next Beyoncé or Ed Sheeran. In one way or another each of these singing expectations, and many more besides, will only serve to derail your vocal development journey.

But there are three singing expectations that every student of voice should hold to. These three expectations will set you up for a successful journey and leave you feeling satisfied and accomplished.

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