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How to SING with less STRAIN

How to Sing with Less Strain!

How can we sing with less strain? Singing is and should be a wonderful physical experience. Why then do so many singers look like they’re in pain every time they open their mouth? It all looks so effortful, but does singing need to be such hard work?

Energy looks like it’s working less than effort but it always produces superior results. So how can you sing with greater levels of energy without exhausting your voice with too much effort? Muscles want to do, and indeed can only do one thing, contract. By design, activated muscles are tense muscles. But that doesn’t mean they need to be constricted and continually tight.

Many of your muscles, including your laryngeal muscles, work in tandem teams. When one muscle contracts, it’s opposite and opposing muscle retracts. Our aim, as vocal athletes, is to manage the many and varied muscular activities of our entire instrument in order to achieve an energetic balance. Think about Usain Bolt again. When he runs it has a wonderful muscular flow. No one muscle is out of balance with the others. His actions are beautifully coordinated, and that’s our aim as singers: a coordinated physical flow. So how do we achieve this high and lofty goal?

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