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How to SING with VIBRATO


After ‘singing in tune’ the next ultimate aim for many singers is developing vibrato. But is it really that important? Maybe, maybe not…in this video, Dr Dan discusses ‘vibrato’ and provides a practical exercise designed to help you experience it in your own sound.

Vibrato is formed into the sound when the singer coordinates three key areas: breath flow, vocal fold oscillation and vocal tract shaping. For many years the voice teaching community believed that it developed into the sound once the student singer had achieved balance and freedom in their technique. And to a certain extent, that is still true. It’s certainly been my observation that it seems to ‘arrive’ when the singer is managing their tension and body alignment well.

But I’ve also observed in a few singers, whose body alignment is balanced and whose general technique is sound, that vibrato can be an elusive son of gun.


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