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Tips for Singing with Allergies

Singing with Allergies

If you suffer from chronic allergies, then I don’t have to tell you how frustrating, and at times, how painful they can be. And when you add singing with allergies into the mix, you have a recipe for disaster. Is there anything that will help alleviate your allergy symptoms all while you continue to sing.

It can be hard to achieve your full vocal potential when your whole vocal tract is stuffed up with allergy. So, what is an allergy? Well, briefly, an allergic response is the immune systems incorrect response to an allergen. The allergen can come in many forms: pollen, grass, dust mites are all common allergens which the body can mistake for a pathogenic invader.

The immune response to these allergens is complicated, but the symptoms are not. A runny nose, itchy eyes, nasal congestion and an irritated throat, are all indicators that your body may be suffering from an allergic response. Unfortunately, as you’ve probably already noticed, many of these symptoms are taking place along the vocal tract, making it nigh on impossible to sing with freedom and ease.


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