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Messa Di Voce Singing Exercises

Messa Di Voce Singing Exercises

Messa Di Voce singing exercises have been described as an apex singing skill requiring a solid vocal technique. So what is Messa di Voce and how can we learn to use this all-important ability? Messa di Voce drives stylistic interpretation and empowers emotional connection with the lyric. This Italian term has its origins in classical technique and it literally means “placing the voice.” The translation is a little bit misleading because the actual activity of messa di voce, at least when we apply the skill into a vocal exercise, is rendered as a slow and steady increase in volume, a crescendo, followed by an equally slow and steady decrease in volume, a decrescendo.

Essentially, messa di voce exercises are all about balance. The singer’s breath flow rates, laryngeal action and vocal tract shapes all have to work in a perfectly balanced coordination to successfully change the volume from soft to loud to soft again; all while maintaining an even consistent pitch.

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