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Everything you need to know about Vocal TWANG

Vocal Twang

Vocal Twang is one of those things that seems to fall in and out of favour among vocal pedagogues. I’ve always celebrated the benefits of Twang, instructing my students in the advantage of the clear, focused resonance that it provides.

There seems to be some confusion out there in YouTube land about vocal Twang and the impact it has on the sound of the singing voice, across each of the vocal registers. Today, I’m going to clear away the confusion so that you can get the full benefit out of the clear, focused resonance known as twang.

Twang can be added to the chest, head and falsetto registers, as well as the register balance known as mix. In fact, therein lay another benefit of twang, it can really assist with your register transitions as well as the blending of two registers. So, let me show you an example of each register firstly without vocal twang and then with the twang.

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