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What are the best books for singers? If your voice is controlled by your brain, which it is, then surely you need to feed your mind with excellent information. Brain food doesn’t only come from listening and watching. Some of the best mental nutrition comes from books. So today, we are going to quickly look at five books I highly recommend to every student of voice. Welcome to Dr Dan’s Recommended Reading List.

I want to recommend five books for singers that proudly sit in my library. I’ve read each one cover to cover, and I’ve personally found them to be highly educational and thought provoking. Now, that’s not to say that I have agreed with everything their authors have written, but even those things that haven’t immediately resonated with me provide a chance to actively reflect on my own practice and pedagogical approach. And, I’m sure they can do the same for you.

* Vocal Athlete – (affiliate)
* So You Want to Sing Rock ‘n’ Roll – (affiliate)
* What Every Singer Needs to Know about the Body – (affiliate)
* Voice Works – (affiliate)
* Ultimate Guide to Singing – (affiliate)
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