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Debunking the Wide Open Mouth Myth

Neutral Jaw Exercises: Unlocking Clear Diction and Full Tone

Unlock your full vocal potential by exploring the surprising secret to efficient singing: mastering the jaw position. Dr Dan from Voice Essentials shatters the misconception that a wide open mouth is necessary for achieving powerful resonance and clear diction. He delves deep into the importance of the articulatory system, where the jaw plays a crucial role. He reveals the key to exceptional vocal performance is a more moderate approach.

As part of the articulatory system, the jaw impacts the quality of your singing in various ways. Often, beginner singers rely too heavily on their jaw for articulation and amplification of resonance, which can lead to vocal fatigue and a narrow pharynx. Dr Dan explains that a more moderate jaw position can actually enhance your singing voice and improve your vocal stamina.

As an alternative to the wide open mouth, Dr Dan introduces the concept of the neutral jaw. This technique emphasises free movement without tension, allowing singers to achieve clear diction and full tone without straining their vocal folds. By practising the neutral jaw exercise, you can experience the benefits of this more efficient and moderate jaw position.

Moreover, Dr Dan points out that a wider jaw may sometimes be necessary but emphasises that even these wider mouth positions are often less cavernous than you might first expect. The keyword here is “neutral,” which should not be mistaken for “fixed.” This approach allows for flexibility and freedom in your jaw movement, ultimately resulting in improved singing performance.

In this transformative video, Dr Dan provides valuable insights and practical exercises to help you adopt a neutral jaw position in your singing. Embrace this game-changing technique and join the ever-growing community of singers from across the globe who, like you, are passionate about developing their singing voices. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionise your vocal performance and discover the truth behind the perfect jaw position. Watch now and unlock the true potential of your voice!


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