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Extend Your Singing Range | Realise the FULL POTENTIAL of your Voice

Extend Your Singing Range

Next to singing in tune, increasing one’s singing range seems to be the holy grail of vocal development for most singers. Is it actually possible to increase your vocal range? Yes! But there are few things you need to do to ensure you develop your voice in a healthy and sustainable way.

All over the internet you can find people promoting the idea of increasing one’s vocal range. Unfortunately, much of the time this is done in a somewhat misleading way because it’s actually impossible to “increase” you vocal range. Why? Well, you’re a biological instrument with anatomical limitations. For example, I’m five foot eight inches tall. There have been times when I’ve thought it might be nice to stand a few inches taller, but alas, this frame is what God has given me. No matter how much I want to be taller I have to be reconciled to the fact that I am anatomically average height.

So where does this leave us with our vocal range? Well, it is true that you have an anatomical limit to how low and how high you can sing. This being said, most of us are not realising the full potential of our biology. Most singers who I work with have not learnt how to work the full breadth of their vocal range. So today I’m going to give you some great tips on how to explore your complete vocal range and realise the full potential of your God given anatomy.

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