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Is breathing IMPORTANT when learning to SING?


Did you know that there are some singing teachers who believe that breath control is an unnecessary area of practice for the developing singer? These voice instructors think that your breath will take care of itself if you sing with good physical balance. Is this true? How IMPORTANT is BREATHING for Singing? We better take a closer look at the subject of Breath Management to find out…and a warning: today’s video is a little more detailed than usual. So if you’re keen to understand breath management in more depth, then keep watching…

Breath management. It’s currently a red-hot topic in the singing community and has been for the past five hundred years. But did you know that voice scientists have only just, in the past fifteen years or so, been able to observe what our body’s muscles actually do when we breathe during singing? Up until the end of the 20th century our methodologies for teaching breath, the main one being ‘Appoggio,’ had been developed using guestimates; educated guestimates, but guestimates nonetheless.

Appoggio is an Italian term that literally means to lean on or support the breath. Many singing teachers still teach appoggio. You’d recognise the tell-tale signs of appoggio as focusing your attention on an expanded ribcage along with a fairly active abdominal wall that purposefully leans inwards. For the better part of two century’s appoggio has served classical singers reasonably well, albeit not perfectly. But with the development of popular contemporary music’s came the need for a different approach.

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