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How to Sing with a Belt Voice

Learn to Belt Sing

Everyone one wants to learn to belt sing with their voice. Perhaps you want to understand what Belt Singing is or maybe you’re searching for exercises here on YouTube that will help you to develop a Belt sound. Well, stay tuned for the Belt explanation and exercises you’ve been searching for coming right up.

The Dictionary for the Modern Singer notes that “Because the word belt can mean so many things, it is often a confusing term to discuss and difficult to define precisely. Indeed, Belt can serve as a noun (indicating the register or technique), an adjective (describing the tone quality or sound), or a verb (describing what the singer is doing).” I often refer to Belt as ‘Healthy Volume.’ Essentially, I reserve the term Belt for loud healthy singing, so various hybrid uses of the term belt, such soft belt and thin belt don’t get used in my studio.

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