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Learn to PHRASE for Singing

Learn to PHRASE for Singing

I heard it said once that the number one thing that separates the amateur singer from the pro is phrasing! Sounds kind of important right. So what is phrasing, and how can we use it to our advantage? Let’s learn to phrase for singing.

Improve your singing with better ‘PHRASING!’ Often the difference between the amateur singer and the professional vocalists is ‘phrasing.’ In this tutorial, Dr Dan identifies three important areas of phrasing that will improve your singing: dynamic emphasis, onsets & offsets, and the line of the phrase.

I highly recommend listening to the great singers in your favourite music genre. For example, if you love pop, listen to Ed Sherin and Katy Perry. If you love Jazz, listen to Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. Have a listen to the way they phrase for singing. Guaranteed they are all using the techniques we’ve covered in today’s video. In most instances, I’m not really into encouraging the emulation of other singers, but when it comes to phrasing there’s a lot to be gained by listening to and copying the best.


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