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Expert Advice on Singing Practice

Top Singing Practice Tips

Dr Dan from Voice Essentials presents valuable insights to help vocalists make the most of their singing practice sessions. Drawing from expert advice by Dr Dean Southern, he offers ten actionable tips to improve vocal techniques and overall performance.

The first tip emphasises the importance of scheduling practice time, which ensures that other priorities stay within the opportunity to practice. To make each session more productive, vocalists should choose an optimal time when they’re energised to work effectively.

Creating a distraction-free practice space is crucial for focusing on learning and development. In today’s world, getting sidetracked by emails, text messages, or social media is easy. A dedicated practice space helps minimise interruptions and maintain concentration during practice sessions.

Setting clear goals for each session enhances productivity and provides direction. Singing goals can be objective or subjective, with objective goals being broader and subjective goals focusing on specific techniques. Utilising a lesson plan as a template for practice sessions can be beneficial, especially for beginners.

Starting fresh every day allows singers to approach their practice with a renewed mindset. Dr Southern advises vocalists to refrain from letting previous disappointments or achievements influence their current practice. Each new day offers an opportunity to make progress and improve skills.

Warming up the voice before each session is essential for vocal health and making the most of practice time. A proper warm-up routine should last at least five to ten minutes to prepare the voice for the exercises ahead. Respecting physical boundaries is also vital, as overexertion can lead to vocal strain and fatigue.

Breaking songs into smaller sections allows vocalists to focus on specific elements, such as dynamics, articulation, and breathing. This approach helps identify and address details that might be overlooked when singing the entire piece.

On days when vocalists feel fatigued, Dr Southern recommends exploring alternative exercises that don’t strain the voice. Watching different song interpretations online can inspire without causing additional stress.

Lastly, consciously memorising music and reviewing it regularly helps create a deeper connection with the narrative. This conscious effort allows singers to engage with the story and enhance their performance.

Dr Dan’s tips provide a comprehensive guide for vocalists seeking to optimise their singing practice and unlock their full potential.


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