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Can Anyone Learn to Sing …REALLY?

Can Anyone Learn to Sing

There is one question I am asked more than any other, “Can anyone learn to Sing.” I mean, really! Is it possible for anyone to transform their voice from woeful to hopeful or is the ‘Anyone Can Learn to Sing’ mantra just some capitalist spin designed to keep voice teachers gainfully employed?

Aside from those who suffer from the rare condition Amusia, commonly known as ‘tone deafness,’ anyone can develop their voice. But I know you’ve heard the quick answer many times before, so let me unpack this a little more for you so that we can settle the issue of ‘Can Anyone Learn to Sing’ once and for all!

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If you have a larynx, you can learn to sing. If you have a well-adjusted attitude that doesn’t buy into or perpetuate the singer, non-singer lie, then you can learn to sing. If you can determine to manage your expectations by setting SMART goals, then you can learn to sing. There really is nothing holding you back. You can improve your voice, and in my humble opinion, you should start your journey as soon as you possibly can. Don’t put it off for another minute.

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