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Singers, Are You Looking after your Ears?

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss. I wonder whether you’ve stopped to consider just how important your hearing is. As one of our five primary senses, hearing is used for many things including balance and alerting us to hazards.

I think most of us understand that our ears play a pretty important role when it comes to singing. But how many of us really take care of our ears and our hearing? Let’s look at the causes of hearing loss and how you and I might be better able to protect what are arguably the second most important organs in a singer’s body.

It also plays a vital role in our singing, but how many of us unwittingly subject our ears to unhealthy sound levels causing slow but sure damage to our hearing. Now, I’ll put my hand up and say that I have some hearing loss in my upper mid frequencies, all because my ears were subject to some pretty unruly dB levels during my late teens and early twenties. But I don’t want this to be your unfortunate future. So, let’s take a couple of moments to discuss what causes hearing loss, the different types of hearing loss, a very brief overview of the ear’s physiology and then I’ll finish with some suggestions to help you protect your ears.


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