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Calling All Baritones!

Baritone Voice

The Baritone Voice type has a beautiful rich timbre that Tenors like me can only dream of. Why is it then that so many men with a baritone voice spend their time wishing they could sing high like Tenors? Surely there’s more to being a great singer than uber-high notes. Well, there is, and this video is all about getting the most out of the Baritone voice.

Having a Baritone singing voice doesn’t make you a second-class citizen. And it certainly doesn’t make you a second-rate singer. But I know that’s easier said than done when it seems that the general public is fascinated with the higher voice classification of Tenor.

So, as we proceed with today’s video, I want to state again, as I have many times before, that discussing voice types has limited value within popular culture music. Contemporary genres typically celebrate diversity and unique sounds, and you should never allow your anatomy to limit the type of music that you sing. With this said, let’s take a closer look at the Baritone voice.

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