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Djarts' COVID Safe Plan for inStudio Sessions

First Posted: July 29, 2020
Last Updated: January 14, 2022
Dr Dan is vaccinated (Pfizer Comirnaty) against COVID-19.

The context of this non-restricted[i] COVID Safe Plan is for the singing teaching studio located at 40 Kildare Street, Carina Heights Queensland. The studio is an air-conditioned space and is 4m x 4.5m with a high vaulted ceiling.

The Djarts COVID Safe Plan accounts for the possible emission and spread of the COVID-19 virus through droplet and aerosol dispersion. It is important to note that singing has been shown to generate higher levels of both droplet and aerosol, and therefore requires due diligence in response to the heightened risk of infection when singing close to other people. Due to the nature of the novel virus, COVID-19, and the current vaccine rollout strategy in Australia, Djarts and Dr Dan are employing a mitigation strategy in keeping with the suppression objectives presently being implemented by the Queensland and Australian governments.

The guidelines and procedures listed below should be considered as ‘in addition to’ the regular Terms and Conditions that all students agree to when receiving lessons from Djarts and Dr Dan. It is, therefore, an additional condition of entry to Dr Dan’s Teaching Studio that the following guidelines and procedures are adhered to:

If you have cold/flu-like symptoms or you feel unwell, or you are uncertain, DO NOT arrive for an inStudio lesson. Symptoms might include, but are not restricted to:

  • Fever (37.5 degrees Celsius or above)
  • Coughing
  • Any combination of sore throat, headache or muscle aches
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Tiredness
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • A rash on the skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes.

If you have any of these symptoms, seek immediate medical attention. Be assured that if Dr Dan, or one of his immediate family who also resides at 40 Kildare Street, exhibit any of the above symptoms, your lesson will be either cancelled or switched to an online session.

Remember, it is easy to change your lesson to an online session if you are uncertain about your health. While 24hrs notice is required to cancel a lesson, you are permitted to change the delivery mode of your lesson from inStudio to Online right up until the scheduled start time of your session.

If at any time your local area is declared a ‘hotspot’ by the Queensland Government, you must notify Dr Dan, and your lesson will be switched to an online session.


  • In accordance with the Queensland Health mask-wearing mandate, students are required to wear a mask to the studio door.
  • Students will be asked if they have been in contact with anyone who is currently ill or has recently travelled interstate or overseas.
  • Djarts records and retains the contact details (i.e. the address and mobile number) for each student electronically. Djarts will only declare this information to relevant authorities in the case of a ‘contact tracing’ request from the Queensland and/or Australian governments.
  • All students may be screened upon entry (outside the studio) with a temperature check. Any student whose temperature is 38 degrees Celsius or above will not be permitted to enter the studio and will forfeit their lesson time.
  • Students may be asked whether they have the CovidSafe app installed and active on their mobile devices. We encourage visitors to download and use the CovidSafe app. The CovidSafe app is used inStudio and remains active at all times.


  • ONLY 1 person (the student) will be permitted into the studio space with Dr Dan.
  • Students are NOT required to wear a mask inStudio.
  • Upon entry to the studio space, students will be required to clean their hands with supplied alcohol-based hand sanitiser. Antiseptic wipes will also be available for students to use at the student’s discretion.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any lesson and remove anyone from the studio where the student displays persistent COVID-like symptoms.
  • Please bring a FULL water bottle with you.
  • To comply with required social distancing laws (1.5meters), Dr Dan will tell the student where to stand and which way to face when singing. NB: We advise students to bring a jumper or coat to the session because they may be standing directly in front of the air-conditioner vent.
  • We have installed a Philips Series 3000 Air Purifier with Vitashield IPS and Aerasense technology. This technology is designed to remove ultrafine particles as small as 0.02um. Air purifiers do not kill bacteria or virus; however, we have chosen to employ air filtration as a part of our infection mitigation strategy.
  • The studio microphones will be made available during lessons, and students will be encouraged to clean the microphone before and after use. Students are permitted to bring their own microphones for use during sessions if they wish.
  • All learning materials, including lesson sheets and exercise tracks, will be emailed to the student. No hard copy printing will be offered.
  • While toilet amenities are available, it is preferred that these not be used.

After an inStudio lesson has been completed, where appropriate, studio surfaces will be disinfected, and the room aired to help reduce the potential for harmful virus spread. While every precaution is taken to ensure your safety while visiting the Dr Dan’s Teaching Studio, students entering the studio do so at their own risk, knowing and understanding that until Australia has widely distributed and administered the COVID-19 vaccines, there is no possible way for Djarts or Dr Dan to guarantee that the studio is one-hundred per cent free from the virus.

Because COVID-19 is an evolving situation, we regularly review our existing COVID Safe plans and procedures in accordance with Workplace Health and Saftey Queensland to ensure the measures in place are adequate and effective.

We will continue to update our student cohort as new information comes to hand. We ask that you continue to monitor this page for updates. As always, please don’t hesitate to email us or call the studio on +617 3398 6758 if you wish to discuss or query the Djarts COVID Safe Plan.

Stay safe and sing well!

[i] The singing teaching industry in Queensland does not have an ‘industry-specific’ COVID Safe Plan. Therefore, we have constructed this ‘non-restricted’ COVID Safe Plan in accordance with the Queensland Government’s Chief Health Officer’s Public Health Directions: Restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction. Point ten of the legislation under the heading of “Non-Restricted Businesses, Activities and Undertakings and Schedule 1C businesses” states that “A non-restricted business, activity or undertaking, and a restricted business, activity or undertaking in Schedule 1C, may otherwise operate as normal, with physical distancing and public health controls observed to the extent possible and subject to any other applicable Public Health Directions.”

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