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10 Singing Tips for Powerful Practice

Singing Practice 101

Learning to sing is a life-long journey requiring countless hours of singing practice 101; not only learning new songs but also technically developing the voice. And just like you I don’t want one single minute to be wasted when I step into my practice space. So, I’m always on the lookout for great practical tips that will help me, and you, to get the absolute most out of our singing voice.

And just recently I read a short article by Dr Dean Southern in A Dictionary for the Modern Singer titled, “Practicing 101: Ten Tips for Making the Most of Your Time Between Lessons. This is a great little chapter packed full of helpful hints, so I thought we’d use Dr Southern’s ten tips as the scaffolding for today’s video. And make sure you watch the video the whole way through, because the tips aren’t in any particular order, so tip number ten is just as crucial as singing practice 101.


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