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Terms & Conditions of Service

We’ve got no hidden agenda’s, rules or fees. So we don’t mind telling you up-front what our terms and conditions are when receiving lessons with Dr Dan.
  • Fees will be invoiced on a ‘per term’ basis, except where other arrangements have been made. Djarts staff can change the payment arrangement if non-payment occurs with any given account.
  • Twenty-four hours notice must be given to cancel an appointment without the client being charged for the appointment. Appointments missed through the clients non-attendance will be charged for regardless of the reason for cancellation.
  • Fair Go Policy: where a client misses multiple appointments during a term, the ’Fair Go Policy’ will be enforced. I.e. a weekly student will not miss more than three lessons in a term, and a fortnightly student will not miss more than two lessons in a term. Every appointment missed outside this allowance will be charged for at the full rate.
  • Appointments cancelled by Djarts staff will be carried forward in a credit or refunded.
  • In the event, that default of payment of any given account occurs, and action is taken to recover that debt, the client shall incur all costs accrued by the debt collector in recovering the debt.
  • Make-up appointments may be scheduled when 24hrs notice is provided. Clients are encouraged to arrange make-up sessions. Please note that an appointment can only be rescheduled once (with twenty-four hours notice). Any request to reschedule a second time will result in the original appointment and associated fee being forfeited; after which a new appointment time will need to be booked and paid for.
  • Teaching holidays and Public holidays will be confirmed at the beginning of the calendar year but may be subject to change.
  • Djarts conducts 50-minute sessions (9am–6pm) and 45-minute sessions (7–10pm). The lesson time begins at the appointed time, not when the client arrives for the appointment.
  • Clients attend appointments with the knowledge that Djarts teachers may need to, on the odd occasion, attend to matters such as phone calls, which may divert attention from the clients allotted time for the briefest of moments.
  • All backing tracks handed to clients during a Djarts lesson are covered by a blanket ‘AMCOS’ licence and remain the property of Djarts. Djarts does not encourage illegal downloading and sharing of music. Djarts owns legal copies of all music tracks supplied to clients for rehearsal purposes. All mp3 audio files provided during Djarts lessons are done so for ‘Student Rehearsal’ only. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance or communication to the public is prohibited.
  • Clients performing in Djarts events, including Dr Dan’s Studio Showcases and inStudio Lesson Recordings, permit photos, audio and video to be used in Djarts publications including, but not restricted to the Djarts website, Email Updates and Dr Dan’s Voice Essentials YouTube channel. A client may choose to withdraw their permission at any time.
  • Reference to clients in these ‘Terms and Conditions of Service’ includes the parents or guardians of under-aged clients where the context allows.
  • Acceptance and adherence to the Djarts COVID Safe Plan for inStudio Sessions where applicable.

General Conditions applicable to Studio Based Clients (listed above) are also relevant to Online Lessons with the addition of the following:

  • Online lessons are only offered to students 16 years and over. If a student is under 18 years of age the online lesson must be conducted in an open living space (e.g. Lounge or Family Room). Lessons will not proceed in private rooms (e.g. Bedroom).
  • Clients must have Broadband Internet Connection with at least 256MB Upload Speed.
  • Clients recognise that Djarts is not responsible for Internet lag due to Internet Traffic conditions and accordingly do not hold Djarts responsible for lost time during the lesson due to such conditions.
  • Online Lessons may be conducted as either a ‘video’ lesson or ’voice only’ lesson depending upon connectivity and speed through the internet. A decision to conduct ’voice only’ internet lessons are made in a discussion between Djarts staff and the client.
  • Clients must have a working webcam and external microphone attached to the computer that they are accessing Djarts Online Lessons through.
  • Clients must download the latest version of  Zoom maintaining/updating these programs when required.
  • Clients must have a mobile device (e.g. Mobile Phone) in easy to gain access close to the computer being used for Online Lessons for playback of exercises and backing tracks.


You can view our Privacy Policy here.

You can view our Risk Management Strategy for Child Protection PDF document here.


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