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How to fix ‘Tongue Root Tension’ Issues

How to Relax The Tongue for Singing

“You can’t sing with it, and you can’t sing without it!” Your tongue plays a crucial role in your singing, but equally, it can get in the way and ruin your performance. So I guess we better learn a little bit more about how to manage that unruly beast inside your mouth and relax the tongue for singing.

Your tongue is a key player in the presentation of your singing. So much so that if you didn’t have a tongue you’d find it nigh on impossible to sing anything intelligible because your tongue is the primary articulator. Nearly every sound, both consonant and vowel, in the English language employs the tongue to some extent.

But that’s where most singers stop in their considerations of the tongue: articulation. But there’s a little bit more to it. You see the tongue not only contributes to the formation of language, but the very essence of the individual’s sound.

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