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The Voice Rebound

How to Estimate and Expedite Your Vocal Healing

Dr Dan’s insightful video offers an in-depth look at the x2 Rule, a useful guideline designed to help singers gauge their voice healing time following acute illnesses like colds or the flu. As he delves into the nuances of vocal recovery, he emphasises that individual experiences may vary, particularly when recovering from COVID-19, which often requires a longer healing period. To ensure a more efficient and successful vocal recovery, Dr Dan provides a range of proactive steps that singers can implement in their journey to regain their singing voice. Furthermore, he fosters a sense of community and support by encouraging viewers to share their personal recovery stories in the comments section, allowing for the exchange of valuable insights and experiences.

❗ This video was uploaded in early 2023 and did not account for new, more severe strains of the COVID-19 virus. Please consult with your licensed healthcare professional for personalised advice about your vocal health and well-being.


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