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Why Do I Sing Better at Night?

Do You Have a NIGHT VOICE?

Do we have a ‘night voice?’ Have you ever noticed that you can sing higher in the evening than you can in the morning? The reason may be quite simple, but it can have a major impact on the quality of your voice throughout the day.

In order to understand why our voices can sing lower in the morning and higher in the evening we need to know a little bit about how our muscles work. Muscles activate and tone throughout the day. When we sleep our muscles relax and release the day’s tension. So when we first rise from a good night’s sleep, our muscles, including our laryngeal muscles, are relatively deactivated. The simple effect on our voices is one of being able to sing lower because our vocal folds are able to shorten more easily because they don’t have the acquired toning from a full day’s use.

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