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Technique and Songs: The Perfect Duet

Technique vs Singing Songs

Dr Dan reveals the secret to elevating your singing skills in this must-watch video that goes beyond the traditional approach of vocal technique versus singing songs. With his expert guidance, you’ll learn how to unlock your full potential by blending both aspects seamlessly. You’ll gain valuable insights into the importance of vocal development while also exploring the art of performance.

Dr Dan shares practical tips and tricks for mastering style, control, and impact, all while keeping vocal technique at the forefront. Discover the power of this groundbreaking approach that emphasises the balance between technique and performance, and start taking your singing to the next level today!


Ex 1 – Five Note Scale (Ascend & Descend) Free!
SUPER BUNDLE 1+2+3 (Tracks & eManuals) – SAVE $50 $99.95

* FREE 7 Day Vocal Technique Detox
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