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Eight Signs of a FREE Voice

Free Voice

Many of us are in search of a free and agile voice that is both healthy and stylistically appropriate to our chosen genre. But how do we know when we’ve achieved the high and lofty goal of a Free Voice? Well, there are eight critical aspects that every voice needs to cover: Body, Breath Management, Channel, Phonation, Resonance, Pitch, Loudness and Articulation.

It all sounds too good to be true. But these aren’t pie in the sky ideals never to be attained by mere mortals. No, every day in my studio and studios like mine, we singing teachers are striving to help our singing students achieve the liberty of a free voice, along with every benefit that accompanies it. So, today I want to give you some insight into each of the eight aspects of free voice so that you can strive to achieve vocal freedom also.

Video about ‘Onsets and Offsets

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