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Please call us at the studio during office hours (+617 3398 6758), email us or use the contact form if you have any questions.

Choose to learn Online or inStudio. Prices are shown in Australian Dollars (AUD).

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First Consultation

inStudio & Online


  • Meet Dr Dan and make sure he’s the right teacher for you. We think he will be!
  • There is no obligation to continue after this first session.
  • The First Consult is a 50-minute session.
  • inStudio and Online lessons are offered to students 16 years and older (Blue Card No: 9888/9)
  • All students receive a free copy of Dr Dan’s Voice Essentials 1 Exercise Collection (rrp. AU$24.95)
  • The cost of recurring sessions is AU$135 (per lesson) when the new student chooses to continue with weekly or biweekly lessons (see below for more details about Recurring Sessions).
  • When booking the First Consultation session you will be required to pay the AU$160 lesson fee as a non-refundable deposit.
  • Book your “First Consult” session now by clicking the icon below or by calling the Studio on (+617) 3398 6758.

Recurring Sessions

Weekly or Biweekly

AU$135 per session

(AU$95 for F/T Uni Students on request)

  • Ongoing instruction tailored to your voice!
  • Regular lessons with a national leader in Contemporary Voice Tuition
  • Dr Dan teaches Beginner through to touring professionals…and everyone in between!
  • 50-minute sessions invoiced per term (a term is typically 10–12 weeks)
  • Per-session instalments are accepted – pay off your account balance as you go!
  • Recurring sessions are offered to students 16 years and older (Blue Card No: 9888/9)

Voice Essentials 1 Online Singing Course


  • Preview the First Module for Free!
  • 10 Modules designed to develop the eight foundational skills of contemporary singing: breathing, tension management, vocal tone, phonatory patterns, resonance, pitch, volume and articulation.
  • Self-paced learning in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


Group Workshops

  • Available for any size group
  • Learn more about Dr Dan’s Singing Workshops here.
  • Full Day, Half Day or Three (3)hour instructional session

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Continuing students receive a further 5% discount when they pay their next term’s account in full by the close of the current term: a $135 lesson becomes $128.25…even better value when you want to learn from one of the best!

(effective 1 June 2021 – see Terms & Conditions)

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