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Excess Saliva Woes?

Tackling Excessive Saliva for Flawless Singing

Excessive saliva can be a pesky problem for singers, disrupting their focus and impacting their overall performance. Dr Dan from Voice Essentials shares valuable insights and practical tips to help singers overcome this challenge and unlock their true potential.

Diet plays a significant role in the production of saliva. You can identify and avoid items that exacerbate the issue by monitoring your food and beverage intake. Furthermore, staying hydrated is crucial to maintaining a moist mouth and throat, which can help counterbalance excessive salivation. Consistently drinking water before, during, and after your singing sessions will ensure optimal hydration and improve vocal performance.

Good posture not only aids in proper breathing and digestion but also helps reduce stress. Studies show that maintaining proper body alignment can contribute to lowered anxiety levels, subsequently preventing overstimulation of the salivary glands. Efficient breathing and a settled tummy are critical factors in maintaining saliva levels.

Even with these helpful tips, sometimes it’s necessary to take proactive measures. Keeping a tissue or handkerchief on hand to gently dab away excess moisture and swallowing regularly to minimise buildup can make a significant difference.

By implementing these expert suggestions, singers can effectively manage saliva production and enhance their overall performance. Dr Dan’s guidance aims to provide a comprehensive approach to addressing this common yet often overlooked issue in the world of singing.


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