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Will my DAMAGED voice ever fully recover?

Vocal Damage

Unfortunately, vocal damage can occur for a whole number of reasons, with the level of injury varying from acute vocal strain through to chronic issues including vocal fold paralysis and laryngeal cancer. Regardless, singers who experience voice damage generally have one question: “Will my damaged voice ever fully recover?”

Voices require rehabilitation whenever they experience wear and tear that leaves the voice feeling and sounding less than optimal for prolonged periods of time. Generally speaking, voice damage will include the onset of severe voice fatigue, reduction in range, inability to maintain pitch as well as a husky, rough or raspy sound that cannot be intentionally controlled or removed by the voice user.

Vocal damage can be scary and can leave the voice user feeling like the voice will never return to its original state of health; thus, the all to regular question: “Will my damaged voice ever fully recover?” Well to answer this critical query, we must first set up some definitions and necessary parameters, because voice damage comes in all shapes and sizes.

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