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Help! I Hate the Sound of My Singing Voice – TRY THIS!

Love Your Voice

Do you love your voice or do you hate the sound of your singing voice? You’re not alone. There are so many people who cringe whenever they hear their own voice played back on a recording. And some people don’t even like hearing their voice when they talk, let alone sing.

If this is you, and you’d like to become a little more comfortable with the sound of your own voice, then keep watching because by the end of this video you’ll have experienced your voice in a whole new way. I know you’re going to learn to love your voice!

Trust me when I say, ‘You can learn to love, yes LOVE, the sound of your own voice!’ Now, that’s a big claim. I mean LOVE sits at the opposite end of the spectrum to hate right. So how do we swing your pendulum from one extreme to the other? Well, it all starts with a little bit of knowledge and some simple vocal activity’s, both of which I’m going to give you in this video.


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