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Should singers workout at the Gym?

Gym and Singing

Do the gym and singing mix? I’m in the habit of saying that singers are ‘Vocal Athletes.’ Singing and performance are high-energy tasks that require the voice user to be fit and healthy. And when we add the modern expectation to ‘look good’ as well it’s not surprising that many singers find themselves at the gym many times a week. So, is visiting your local gym good or bad for your singing?

Remember, one of our goals as skilled contemporary singers is to develop freedom and buoyancy of the larynx, but we can’t achieve that freedom if all the strapping muscle that surround the larynx won’t release when we need them to. Do the gym and singing mix? We all want to look good and be healthy, but is visiting your local gym good or bad for your singing?

Truthfully, bodybuilding and singing don’t mix well. But this doesn’t mean that visiting your local gym three to four times a week is necessarily a bad thing because, as I’ve already stated, your physical fitness is extremely important. Let’s quickly look at those gym activities that I recommend to all my singers when they’re keen to get fit and look their best.


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