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Learning to Sing Uber-High Notes

Whistle Register Singing

Whistle register singing is a very cool thing to do and adds the all-important WOW factor when applied at the right moment in a song. But what is whistle register and can every singer learn to sing those uber-high notes?

When it comes to Whistle register singing, there is still some debate surrounding whether or not every singer can learn to access it. Notwithstanding any recent findings that I’m currently unaware of, it has been my observation, in my own teaching studio, that some singers, despite their best attempts, never learn to access whistle register. It may be that the configuration of the laryngeal mechanism required for these flute-like notes cannot be achieved by individual morphologies.

So, for those whose body’s do allow them to access whistle register, what’s happening with the laryngeal setup to produce the whistle register notes? Well, what we do know is that for the voice to enter the whistle register, the vocal folds must be oscillating along the front fifty percent of the vocal fold with only the thinnest of edges touching. Simply stated, only the front half of the vocal fold is making contact with its opposite side. This all needs to be achieved while they, the vocal folds, have been stretched out to the extreme of their possible length.

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